Fine Organic Chemistry

Fine organic chemistry for custom synthesis :

  • base and/or sugar modified nucleoside analogues
  • mono-, di- and triphosphate nucleoside analogues
  • phosphoramidites
  • di-nucleotides
  • mono & oligo/polysaccharides
    • iminosugars
    • sugar phosphates
    • unnatural sugars
    • saccharidic antigens, synthetic glycoconjugates
  • heterobase analogues
    • synthesis of sophisticated heterocyclic compounds (purine, pyrimidine, imidazole, thiophene, thiazole, pyrazole, quinoline…, including phosphorus and fluorine chemistry)
  • mg to 20g synthesis of NCEs, building blocks, scaffolds, intermediates, reference products, competitor compounds, drug metabolites, impurities….
  • collaboration with preferred external partners for 20g to Kg lab scale-up optimization and synthesis

Fine organic chemistry and optimization processes in other fields:

  • nucleoside / nucleotide analogues (base and/or sugar modified analogues, phosphoramidites) as diagnostic or research tools
  • fluorescent dyes for diagnostic applications
  • optimization of small molecules as diagnostic kit reagents