OXELTIS Customer relation

Relations with our customers are built on:

  • quality of services and compounds delivered
  • strict confidentiality
  • open access for customers to all source data concerning their programs
  • weekly communication and update on program status

 OXELTIS Services

We offer a flexible commercial model with tailored solutions in a timely and responsive manner:

  • fee-for service or FTE based per projects
  • medchem program including physical and biological properties, early ADMET and pharmacokinetic studies in rodent, solubility screening… with preferred external partners
  • partnership with risk or IP sharing approach (academic programs, research collaborations, grant applications)
  • production & scale-up to 50-100g and then with selected external partners (GMP or non GMP Kg lab)
  • quotation for custom synthesis (<48h for initial study)


  • well designed organic chemistry labs (610 m² / 6 600 Sq. Ft.) conforming to H&S requirements
  • 44 fume cupboards, including 3 walk-ins, with up-to date synthesis  equipment for small scale production (<100g)
  • Rotavapor (x26), Microwave (x1), Lyophilizer (x1), Mechanochemistry, Flow & Photochem, Parr apparatus (x3), Oven (x3),
  • Purification (Biotage isolera x 6)…
  • in-house analytical equipment (HPLC, prep HPLC, 3 LC/MS…)
  • local access to other analytical resources (NMR (C, H, P, N, F) 300-600MHz, MS, UPLC…)