Management team

Jean-Marc served as senior Director and then V.P. European operations at Idenix Pharmaceuticals, based in Montpellier, where he initiated and developed Idenix activities from 2000 to 2010. Before that he was Scientific Attaché at the French Embassy in Washington DC. He started his career in clinical research (infectious disease and lung disease) in Abbott Diagnostics (HIV and HCV diagnostic kits: 1989-1990), Hoechst Marion Roussel (immunostimulant and anti asthmatic drug candidates: 1990-1994)  and from 1994 to 1999 in Pierre-Fabre as Therapeutic Division Director (anti asthmatic and antibiotic drug candidates, antiviral vaccine candidate). Jean-Marc graduated from Paris Medical school (M.D. 1986),  Institut Pasteur Paris (virology, immunology, 1988 &1989) and EMLyon business school (AMP 2010).

Stéphane is Director of Chemistry at Oxeltis since October 2020. He joined Oxeltis in 2014 as Research Scientist and had progressively increasing responsibilities. His experience at Oxeltis includes work on several nucleoside, pronucleotide, macrocyclic and heterocyclic drug candidates in medchem programs for Oxeltis’ clients. Stéphane was previously in Aarhus University (DK), working on the synthesis of novel iminosugars as galactosidase inhibitors and the development of a new glycosyl ester for chemical glycosylation. Formerly at Pasteur Institute of Paris he worked on the preparation of oligosaccharides for the design of a glycoconjugate synthetic vaccine against Shigella flexneri. Stéphane holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry (2010) from Nancy University for his work on the development of a new route to L-iduronic acid derivatives (Sanofi-Aventis funding). Stéphane is coauthor of 12 publications and 1 patent.