Your partner in Medicinal Chemistry and Life Sciences R&D

OXELTIS is an independent medicinal chemistry oriented service company that provides competencies and resources necessary for the success of your projects involving medicinal and fine organic chemistry in the fields of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic research.

Oxeltis labs and office are open as normal during COVID-19 pandemic.

With the objective of accelerating hit and lead discovery and optimization processes in the pharma and biopharma industry, Oxeltis brings to its customers and partners research strengths and expertise in nucleosides, nucleotides, heterocyclic, macrocyclic, mono & oligo/polysaccharides, phosphorus and fluorine chemistry applied to drug discovery.

The Oxeltis Team is also active in applying its fine organic chemistry expertise to the development of diagnostic and research tools.


RICT 2021 — Jul 7-9, 2021

Oxeltis' scientists are participating to RICT 2021, lets connect and interact ! Why not planning (…)
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HAVE A DIGITAL MEETING WITH OXELTIS AT RESI: JUNE 8-10, 2021 Connect with Oxeltis at Resi Conference, 8-10 June 2021  #medicinalchemistry #smallmolecules #antivirals #medchemservices #networking
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