Oxeltis, Genepep and BCI-Pharma bring new nucleopeptide libraries to market

logo BCI, Ox, GpepThese multifunctional linear and macrocyclic peptides differ from the products already on the market, providing access to a new chemical space and new intellectual property 

Oxeltis, a medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis company, along with peptide and protein chemistry specialist Genepep, and BCI-Pharma, a biotechnology company specialized in pharmaceutical research in small molecules, announce the market launch of their new chemical libraries for the pharmaceutical market. The three companies have pooled their expertise to design, produce and bring to market innovative multifunctional nucleopeptides. 

The products resulting from this collaboration cater to the needs of their clients looking to extend the chemical space of their chemical libraries. They offer the option of screening for molecules whose chemical and conformational diversity differ from other molecules on the market. The products are the result of a combination of peptides and nucleosides which allow for the creation of linear and macrocyclic end products.The multifunctional compounds (MW = 550 Da for linear compounds) resulting from these chemical libraries cover a new chemical space. 

Marketing of the libraries started in September 2015 with the first delivery to major clients.

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