Nucleosides and Nucleotides: synthetic and biological chemistry – London April 17th, 2015

 Oxeltis team will be happy to meet you in London to discuss current and future projects involving nucleoside and nucleotide chemistry.

We look forward developing our contacts and potentially working with you! Best regards, Oxeltis team

 Oxeltis is known for

– Several references in antiviral and oncology medicinal chemistry research (hit selection & optimization, SAR analysis, hit-to-lead work, lead optimization…)

– A unique expertise in nucleos(t)ides, mono & oligo/polysaccharides, iminosugars and macrocycles (novel intermediates and scaffolds, challenging multi-step routes, focused libraries…) 

– A network of established partners with computational chemistry, early DMPK & tox, scale-up capabilities toward preclinical development

– A recognized experience in developing small molecules that translates into additional efficiency for the success of your discovery programs

Nuc RSC london 2015